Ativan or Xanax

Ativan or Xanax

An anxiolytic is another term when referring to an anxiety relieving agent. Drugs of this category, such as Ativan and Xanax have proven to be impressive and compelling in counteracting such disorders. There are an array of reasons as to why therapists may be partial to one or the other.

What Are Both Medicines Made For?

Both Ativan or Xanax are benzodiazepines, which means that they inhibit the ability of GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) to work accordingly and prevent overt nervous behavior and also depression. They also assist in focus maintenance for adult ADHD by preventing nervous interruptions and scattered thoughts.

Also, they produce a mild tranquilizing and neuromuscular blocking effect and are somewhat frequently distributed to insomniacs as well as epileptics. But, the main usage of these pharmaceuticals are to reduce anxiety, anything else is off label use.

Another similarity is that a half dose of Xanax (half of a milligram) is equal to about 1mg Ativan which makes user conversions that much more expedited and streamlined. This is usually the same in the case of generic constructions. So if someone is not fully benefitting from one, experimenting with how the other one goes will be a smoother transition.

Short acting Properties

Also, Ativan price is nearly equal to Xanax price, even though the latter is hailed as having a faster onset and stronger concentration, with the former taking a bit longer but staying steadily in the system for longer lengths.

One of the biggest striking similarities amongst both products is that one can feel the onset within 20 or so minutes, it is just a matter of which is more intense and which lasts longer. The array of directions prescription drugs can go is what allows people to find out what will help them best, rather than what will be just a partial aid.

Which Do I Need?

In most circumstances, Ativan is given to a person that consistently has anxiety that is unprovoked and not circumstantial or based on certain phobias. For instance, Xanax is probably better suited for someone scared of flying and does not board an airplane regularly. So having a supply put away somewhere for certain occasions is it’s strong suit.

Alprazolam also has properties that work more potently with anxious attacks as well as overly stressful points of time. As much as Ativan or Xanax may appear to be exactly the same, they have enough subtleties to where they can be prescribed for distinct ailments.

Other Choices To Consider

Exposure direction therapy, as well as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) seem to have high expectancy of benefit in the individual user. Many clinicians believe that chemical therapy coupled with psychotherapy seem to be the best protagonist in helping relieve phobias fears. It is just that a majority of patient’s are more eager to take pills like Ativan or Valium to minimize distress since it’s easy and convenient.