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Clonazepam is a medication approved by the FDA for use for anxiety and panic disorders in adults. The medication is available in several different dosages to suit the needs of more individuals. If you plan to take or are currently taking Clonazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, it is important that you are aware that side effects are possible. When you are aware of the potential side effects of the drug you can ensure that you are able to safely take the medication.

All medications have some potential side effects associated with their use, and this one is no different. The medication is considered to be safe, though it is still important that the possible side effects are known. Possible Allergic Reaction An allergic reaction is something to be on the lookout for when you begin taking Clonazepam. An allergic reaction has several symptoms including swelling of the face, mouth or throat, hives and difficulty breathing. Should you experience these symptoms get medical help as soon as possible. Serious side effects of Clonazepam can occur, though they are rare.

Some of the serious side effects of Clonazepam to look out for include:
* Weak, shallow breathing
* Confusion or hallucinations
* Exhibiting risky behaviors
* Pounding heartbeat
* Pale skin
* Painful/difficult urination
* Seizures
* Involuntary eye movements/fluttering

These side effects are rare, occurring in less than 1% of all patients, but you must get help as quickly as possible if you experience any of the side effects. They can be life-threatening if you do not seek attention as soon as possible.

Less commonly experienced side effects that can occur while taking this medication include:
* Drowsiness
* Trouble concentrating or with memory
* Slurred speech
* Muscle weakness

* Headache
* Loss of appetite
* Stuffy nose
* Blurred Vision
* Insomnia
* Weight Changes
* Skin rash

Most people were not bothered enough by these mild, common side effects to discontinue taking the medication but this can be determined only on a case-by-case basis. Of course, should they worsen or not improve you may want to talk to your doctor.

Other Side Effects Possible

Remember that this is not a full list of problems that can occur when you are taking this medication. Watch for any unusual behaviors upon beginning the medication as well as throughout the duration of taking the medication. Report anything suspicious to your doctor. When you are aware of the side effects of the drug you can confidently, and safely, take it to help ease your condition.